What we do?

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We believe that prevention is better then cure so always work with that in mind. Through a mix of lived experience and qualified instructors, we will deliver a variety of preventative measures into your business to help keep your teams happy and healthy. We can offer a mix of  training and consultancy services to suit your budget, from simple Mental health awareness courses, delivered online or in house, all the way through to working with the directors and HR to create  company wide programs, whatever your budget.

We also offer free support to amateur sports clubs looking to develop their players well-being and mental health.  If you would like to be a part of this please log into our Mindset Sport page

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We have all seen this before, the principles of applying process to physical health and safety. We are instructed to work top down, by law. 
How many apply the same set of principles to Mental Health?
I am asked too many times ‘My team need to be more resilient, please help?’ Which is the mental heath equivalent of PPE. 
If you feel the need to ask that question please get in touch so we can discuss options that will allow you to remove, reduce or change the impact of stress on your team. 
Only then do we work on building resilience within the team.

To make change we need to change the way we think, mental health matters

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