work out with brings you an upper body, kettle-bell workout, for more information and routines follow on instagram brings you a whole body kettle-bell  workout, for more information and routines follow on instagram

Injury prevention

We have teamed up with Wells Health and Fitness to bring you a workout video aimed at coaches of  younger players but it's available for all. 
It covers warm up and injury prevention movements and is about 25 mins long. 
If you like this maybe this can become a series? 

Activate is the RFU’s Injury Prevention Exercise Programme.

Activate is an injury prevention exercise programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions. Exercises are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility, helping players with the game’s physical demands

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Click to take you to the Bupa 'calculator and quizzes' page and discover how to feel better and stay well with their free tools and calculators

more coming soon

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