'This is not merchandise'

it's a proper sports kits designed for training and playing. When combined with our boot exchange you can get your self fully kitted out for your sport for £50.

Shirt or vest 


Shorts or skort



£50 +p&p

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£30 +p&p

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Training shirt or vest

£25 +p&p

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Shorts or skort 

£20 +p&p

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£10 +p&p

Neopro finguard.PNG

Rugby players tape their fingers to prevent injury using plastic electrical tape.

Our market research indicates that in the UK alone, rugby players use 714km of single use plastic tape per week.

Designed to better protect rugby player's fingers, but we very quickly found similar injuries in netball. While at the moment we focus on rugby and netball our Finguards™ have been used by MMA fighters, volleyballers, judo and khabaddi players.



From £7.99 


S66 Sportswear offers the highest quality of bespoke team & group apparel on the market today. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products on time, every time. 

At S66 Sportswear we live and breathe sports. We know playing sport is not what you do, it’s who you are.

We started the company so we could give back to local clubs and athletes for all our positive experiences in sports.  We know your sportsclub shapes you and your community, and we want to help you not only look great but feel proud to wear your colours. 

Not only will we supply your bespoke kit made exactly how you want it, we will then give back and help your club invest in its youth.